Excellence in Industrial Coatings, Linings

tank corrosion removal and coatingCoast to Coast Coatings is the preferred partner for industrial maintenance, cleaning and protective coating needs throughout the U.S. Since 1979, we have restored and protected our customers’ assets through coating, lining, cleaning and combustible dust mitigation services.

We are known for for our attention to project specifications, for getting things done right and on time, and for meeting exceedingly high safety standards.

Our People: Our team members are highly trained in restoration, coating, lining, dust mitigation, maintenance, and safety methods and practices. Those skills help them get each job done right the first time. Our entire staff embraces our company’s customer-focused culture. They are empowered to make decisions to enhance customer satisfaction. We are a drug-free company.

industrial cleaning equipmentOur Equipment: Coast to Coast Coatings owns an array of well maintained preparation, coating and lining equipment. We don’t have to wait for rental equipment to become available, so we can schedule projects promptly. You get a quicker return to service.

Our Commitment to Safety: We hold an “A” safety rating with ISNetworld and ensure our employees gain OSHA 30-Hour Certification along with ongoing training. That has given us an exceptional record of on-the-job safety.

Our Commitment to Best Practices: We are a Licensed Coating Contractor and are a member of the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), holding NACE levels 2 & 3 coating inspector certifications. We are bonded and insured.

sandblasted brick buildingWe restore and protect structural steel, capital equipment, tanks, concrete (walls, floors and mounts), pipelines, building exteriors and other surfaces that need restoration, cleaning or corrosion control. We also provide dust mitigation services.

Coast to Coast Coatings works nationwide from our facilities in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Wisconsin. Our locations are:

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  • Dothan, Alabama: (334) 793-9238
  • Panama City, Florida: (334) 790-4442
  • Pensacola Florida: (850) 712-5401
  • Brunswick Georgia: (912) 602-0662
  • Cedar Springs, Georgia: (334) 791-1219
  • Rome, Georgia: (334) 618-0355
  • Waukesha, Wisconsin: (414) 254-8220

Contact any of our locations to learn more about the value Coast to Coast Coatings can bring to your operations, or call toll-free 800-457-9142, email us, or use our quick contact form.